Comcast Corporation : Case Analysis

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Trident University MGT499?Strategic Management Case One Comcast Corporation Dante Cummings May 22, 2015 Comcast Corporation is Pennsylvania-based organization, which was established in 1963 and operates in the cable communication industry. The company is considered to be one of ?the largest providers of video, high-speed internet and voice services to residential and business customers in the United States? (, 2015). Currently, the company provides services to 22.4 million video customers, 22 million high-speed internet customers and 11.2 million voice customers with the primary company?s services to consumers and businesses in the range of video, high-speed internet and voice over internet protocol…show more content…
The values? of the company are presented in four main directions, where community investment, diversity & inclusion, environment and integrity play one of the most valuable components that dictate how organization tends to serve its main shareholders and members of the communities that they serve. According to the Corporate Social Responsibility Report of 2013, Comcast and NBCUniversal take a unique positioning to ?inform, empower, and inspire?, which are used as the foundations to embrace the opportunities that would be directed on creating conversation and action mobilization in order to address the most critical issues of the nation. Thus, Comcast along with NBCUniversal are not only motivated with moving their business forward, but also concerned with moving people forward?(, 2015). The Community Investment is implemented through investments injected into local organizations, certain programs and partnerships, which contribute towards connecting people and inspiring positive and substantial changes. The Diversity and Inclusion is achieved through cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce, which is based on the principle of Ralph Robert?s goal, where
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