Comcast Corporation Holdings Ltd.

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Comcast Corporation Holdings Ltd Comcast Corporation is a company in the services sector in the cable and broadcasting industry located in the United States that offers media, entertainment, and communications. The Corporation is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Comcast, 2016). This paper will be an extrapolation of Comcast’s history from the day it was founded to its current stature. Timeline of important events in the organization’s history Comcast Corporation was founded in 1963 by Julian A. Brodsky, Daniel Aaron, and Ralph J. Roberts and was later incorporated in 2001 on December as a media and technology firm. In that year, the founders purchased and operated a local antenna television system that was located in Tupelo, Mississippi. Initially, the company was called American Cable Systems but in 1969, it changed its name to Comcast. It was in 1972 that Comcast went public and transacted in the NASDAQ stock market under the CMCSA ticker symbol. It then underwent a series of acquisitions and mergers between 1986 and 1996. It is then that it transacted with E! Entertainment, E. W. Scripps, Maclean Hunter, Storer Communications and Group W Cable. In 1997, Comcast benefited from Microsoft 's $1 billion investment. In a span of the next half a decade, it also entered several transactions with Greater Philadelphia Cablevision, Prime Communications, AT & T Broadband, Jones Intercable and Lenfest Communications (Comcast, 2016; Marketline, 2013). In 2001, the

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