Comcast Is A Fortune 500 Company

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Comcast is a Fortune 500 company that focuses in media and technology. The website for Comcast is and they offer an array of services ranging from digital television, internet, and home phone to customers within their designated service areas. Comcast has achieved high levels of success by employing educated public relations specialists, focusing on positive marketing ventures, and distributing a service that people want and need. Comcast has created a variety of services and ways to order services and have named bundled services Xfinity, which is by far one of their most popular services. Comcast was founded in 1963, by Ralph Roberts. The founding of Comcast came from an acquisition of American Cable Systems. By 1972, Comcast had officially became a publicly traded company. In 2002, Comcast began expanding their horizons by offering high speed internet services. In 2005, Comcast expanded their depth a little more by venturing into phone service territory. In 2009, Comcast was named the largest internet service provider of the nation and within that same year, Comcast also launched Xfinity (n.d.). After the launch of Xfinity, Comcast has not slowed their speed and continues to launch new features and upgrade their services. Comcast launched Xfinity services in 2009, but there was only one small problem with this launch. Comcast never properly explained to customers what Xfinity was. Xfinity is the name Comcast gave to the services that they
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