Comcast's Contributions to Technolgy Essay

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Innovative technology is largely taken for granted in our society today. Computers, tablets, cell phones, and the internet are just some examples that continue to evolve and move our society into the future. Let’s rewind 15 years ago; there were no smart phones or tablets, the internet was at its beginning stages using phone lines to connect your modem to the World Wide Web. Companies saw how important this type of technology could be to the world and began working on advanced solutions for the needs of society. Now, technology is something everybody uses on a daily basis and many of us don’t realize how far we have come. Smart phones are used as computers which many companies use for business on the go. There are credit card readers…show more content…
However, this is not like any other security system around. The system is completely customizable. A customer can link security cameras, thermostat, lights, and appliances that can all be controlled and monitored from an application downloaded on to their smart phones. For example, a customer leaves their home for a couple days but forgets to turn down the thermostat. They can log into their Comcast account via smart phone and actually turn down their thermostat to the desired temperature. They can also turn off a light that was left on, or check in on a child that is home from school early. Another innovative product that Comcast offers is the On-Demand feature that is tied into digital cable. On Demand is a menu that allows a customer to access hundreds of movies, TV shows, music, and local classified at the click of the button. Many of these offerings are free but some include a fee that is similar to renting a movie. This On-Demand feature is the main culprit for putting companies like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video out of business. Customers no longer have to drive to a movie store to rent a movie. They can do it all from their remote control. Comcast continues to lead the industry in innovation but the environment is getting tougher because competition is now offering the same products and services. For Comcast to continue to be successful, they need
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