Comeau's Fundamental Philosophy

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Q1. Discuss the steps that Comau took to strengthen its project portfolio management process and its project management skills within Comau. Comau's fundamental philosophy regarding the project management process was that the company needed more rigorous standardization and quality benchmarking. Instead of just having a series of disparate divisions and projects, the company created a universal method and universal standards to which all projects had to adhere. This fostered greater unity of goals and mission, enabled the company to perform more effectively, and also to cut operational costs. Comau began by streamlining: it combined both its contract management and project management under one umbrella. It strove to create a common language between customers and employees, thus reducing misunderstandings. A newly-unified company, all operating under the same processes and mission combined with more effective risk mitigation strategies enabled better selection of projects, and also minimized the 'scope creep' of projects. Project standardization was used to redefine goals, guidelines, training, and reporting systems. A book of 'best practices' was compiled of articles and policies for reference. Given that Comau was a global organization the book provided a common point of reference for all organizational actors. The creation of an online virtual community created a more seamless dissemination of information about projects and practices between entities (Kerzner

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