Comedy Analysis

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During this unit, my understanding of humor in literature evolved from believing that it was simply comic relief to grasping that humor is an entertaining method of conveying a universal truth through many different methods. Comedy comes in countless shapes and sizes, which all have different purposes and appeal to a variety of audiences. However, although the forms of humor are diverse, Springboard Activity 4.3 expresses that they can be categorized as either low comedy, which is "straightforward and generally easy to follow and understand"(1) or high comedy, which "can take a bit of reflection to realize the humorous intent"(4). Naturally, high and low comedy have different purposes in comedic literature. An author might use high comedy to…show more content…
Additionally, we studied another form of high comedy, situational irony. To demonstrate, in "A Day's Work", an excerpt from "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", Mark Twain reports that while Tom had to whitewash on a beautiful day when he would rather be playing, he ended up conning his friends into doing his work for him while he sat back and enjoyed the so called treasures that they gave to him so they could do his work, including "a dead rat and a string to swing it with"(44) and "a brass door-knob"(44). Despite having a slight understanding of what irony was before this unit, I had never heard of situational irony before. Situational irony leads readers to believe that the story is going in one direction, then suddenly revealing a twist that makes it humorous. If I were to have read this excerpt before learning about situational irony and its aspects, I would have been thoroughly confused. However, now that I have been introduced to this idea, I can understand and enjoy the often comical product of situational irony. Even though Tom had been willing to give up some of his treasures at the beginning, by the end he was rolling in riches without lifting a finger.
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