Comedy And Tragedy In Oedipus And The Wife Of Bath

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“ Life is a Tragedy for those who feel, and A Comedy for those who think” said Jean De La Bruyere. Like in Oedipus, Oedipus feels all the pain when he learned the truth. In The Wife of Bath, the knight had to think through his decision making when the old women ask him to pick a question. A tragedy is about human potentiality, while comedy is about the struggle between the youth and the old. Although comedy and tragedy both have character’s flaw, comedy and tragedy are complete contradictory. One starts off with a fall and another starts off with a raise. One story the main protagonist affect all of his people with his mistakes and the other does not. The ending in the genre also ends completely opposite from when it started.
In Oedipus and The Wife of Bath’s tale, both the main protagonist has a character's flaw that lead to either a downfall or a raise. In Oedipus his character’s flaw was his pride. Oedipus was a prideful king that was determined that he was a good ruler. Even though everyone around him warned him about his fate before hand, he still believes that it does not affect him. His pride lead him to his curiosity and determination. Which also lead him farther to his downfall. If he did not have tragic flaws, he would not figure out the truth and would not lead further damage to his people. The knight in The Wife of Bath’s character’s flaw is his lust and greed. Knights are supposed to protect women but instead he rapes one because of his disire. Knights are also
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