Comedy Makes Us Superior to Absurdity

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Tragedy is what comes to us in the perception of absurdity; it is when we recognize it but we hate it. However, Comedy is the acceptance of absurdity. By examining the works of Much Ado about Nothing, Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog, and Candide we can see that only through comedy do we make ourselves the superiors of absurdity and therefore we need tragedy to keep the balance between laughter and torment sustainable. In the version of John Whedons, ‘much ado’ parts of tragedy are combined with elements of comedy, which makes this version an acceptable light comedy. A tragedy is when the characters try to solve a problem that affects everyone in the story and it ends with all the characters uniting in either a marriage or a party. Much Ado About Nothing is no exception, and Hero’s pretending to die of humiliation by the friar’s orders makes tragedy more vividly present here, “Pause awhile, [and] let my counsel sway you in this case. Your daughter here the princes left for dead: Let her awhile be secretly kept in, And publish it that she is dead indeed; Maintain a mourning ostentation And on your family's old monument Hang mournful epitaphs and do all rites That appertain unto a burial.” (Act IV Scene II). Much Ado about Nothing, creates a very strong sense of anger, betrayal, hatred, grief, and despair among the main characters. Therefore, Shakespeare’s usage of comedic techniques like classic wit, falling in love, and robust hilarity are a must in order to tip the scale in

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