Comedy Research Paper

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Comedy is continuously being censored, particularly on college campuses resulting in a massive feud whether college students are too PG or comedians are just being sensitive and uptight. To adjust the balance between college students and comedians, it is important to review research on comedy’s potential contribution to society, as well as society’s contribution to comedy. I reviewed online articles that give my paper in inside on college students or society in general, response towards the issue of college campuses being too PC for comedians. Additionally, I researched on the potential way comedy can reframe Society making comedy be an educational tool. Through my research, I have drawn that comedy can be reshaped in multiple ways to either benefit…show more content…
Concluding that a potential solution could be an understanding comedy and the audiences on a deeper level to avoid any further disputes.
I used a variety of sources that agree with my thesis that to a certain extent any type of comedian should be allowed to do on campus. An Open Letter to Jerry Seinfeld from a ‘Politically Correct’ College Student by Anthony Berteaux is a response piece towards Jerry Seinfeld's labeling college students as PC and using his 14-year-old daughter as an example on how college students behave when using the terminology among the lines of “racist” “sexist.” Berteaux is a valuable source because he offers an explanation to Seinfeld as to why college students are PC, as well as assert that college students aren’t the only problem but comedians and their material are as well. To progress my argument, I used Middle-class ‘use comedy to assert cultural superiority’ by Murray Wardrop, an article that has supporting quotes of researchers that agree that in certain ways comedy has been used to divide society by culture superiority. Wardrop’s article is useful to agree and counter argue
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