Comey Memo For Trump Analysis

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The Article, “ How dangerous is 'Comey memo' for Trump?” discuses the trouble the President has gotten himself into over the past few days. I believe that our government needs to take a step back and figure themselves out along with briefing the president on what he can and cannot tell foreign countries.
In the Article, “ How dangerous is 'Comey memo' for Trump?” it states the current status of President Trumps legal problems over the past few weeks. It starts will explaining how the White House is denying the allegations of the President trying to get the FBI to drop their investigation on him. It also explains that Trump has had many issues within the last 24 hours one of those being him leaking information to Russia over dinner. The article
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Zurcher discusses all the Republican party has gone through with trump through the elections and how they may be loosing their patience. The report brings the reader back to Trumps dinner party in which he released information with Russia. The National Security Adviser stating that the information Trump released was “appropriate”. Lastly, Lurcher gives seven reasons on why Trumps last slip up isn’t going to go away. The first reason he gave was, “ High Crimes and Misdemeanors,” stating that with people calling this act treasonous many are calling for immediate removal. The second reason was, “The Russian Factor,” he explained that with Trumps current investigation with being involved with Russia during the election the fact that he leaking the information to Russian officials seems almost to validate the issues in his FBI investigation. The third reason, “Skeptical allies,” explains exactly what the title states and that with him leaking information to Russian officials it makes our allies such as Israel very skeptical of the United States at the moment. Reason four, "A leaky ship of
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