Comfort In The Air Essay

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Comfort In The Air

Have you ever been on an airplane where you were so desperate to use the lavatory that you rush out of your seat only to abruptly hail to a stop as you see the food trolley moving ever so slowly down the aisle? Nature calls and mentally all you want to do is push everyone out of your way, hurl the trolley against the wall and run like your life depends on it towards the lavatory. Of course, that would not be the action of a sane individual. Instead, they would wait patiently, trying to control their bodily excretion. Is that the kind of behavior airliners want to trigger in a client? I believe not. Such difficulties should and could be avoided by airlines willing to please their customers by providing them with a
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This new product, not only allows passengers to move freely, but also serves twenty-one passengers, due to its wider build and length (Subordination). Airhostesses can fit an average of three trays or drawers, in each of the seven runners, making it more convenient for themselves and their passengers. This original and inventive idea supports and accomplishes any airlines’ future goals of being up to date with the latest technologies and innovations (Doublet).

In addition, airhostesses can stop worrying about their cart rolling down the aisle. With this product, a friction brake is installed, making it impossible for the cart to move around freely. Depending on the weight of the cart, a number of different friction springs, that help in the standstill of the product are manageable. As for the weight, which might be a safety concern since it’s attached to the ceiling, this product will weight roughly 5 kg less than the average in-flight cart. As a result of the carbon fiber reinforced plastic used to produce this cart, it would weigh a mere 12 kg.

Moreover, the carbon fiber reinforced plastic food trolley would have a more contemporary lustrous look, in comparison with the current rustic, corroded and unpleasant looking food trolley, which appears unappealing to many. The manufacturing of the wheel-less food cart would take place using carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Which would have to be executed by

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