Comfort Island’s Irreplaceable Gem

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Moving Mom and Betsy to the island was a simple event because most of their luggage was already at the island. We took their remaining bags the day they checked-out. Betsy took over the second floor bedroom at the end of the hall across from the bathroom. A large window looked out at the baseball diamond and the Papworth’s property. Two narrower windows looked out at the shipping channel over the same porch that ran in front of Deb’s room. Mom and Dad stayed in the room with the upstairs fireplace and a covered porch facing Alexandria Bay, but Mom’s true niche was the front porch. I wonder now if a plaque should be placed there in her memory. She was content to sit and read for hours, all the while keeping track of who was coming or going…show more content…
He summoned a chorus of our local owl population that hooted back and forth with him at some length. Trey lived almost directly across the main channel at another mansion named Oak Lodge. He had a wonderful imagination when it came to having fun. For years he hosted an event called the “Finney Fest,” which I once supposed was a celebration of life and high ideals only to learn that it was an excuse to spend a wild weekend at the river after the sensible members of the family had left for the season. In Trey’s case it was a no-nonsense grandmother affectionately referred to as “Granny Goodwitch.” Mom and Dad never became even part-time members of the responsible, no-nonsense society, and they were still at the river when the much-anticipated Finney Fest took place in 1968. I was there too. This was a two-day “bash” and Mom and Dad fit right in. In Mom’s case it was a real testament to her drawing power that a wide array of her porch “discussion group” made multiple stops at the house for conversation and liquid refreshments. Having guest books that date back to Comfort Island’s beginning and to all the intervening years as well makes for memorable reading. I found some interesting entries for the first weekend of October 1968. Charley Evans writes an entry on October 4th saying, “We have arrived in Alex Bay to celebrate the annual Finney Fest – starting with drinks at Comfort Island!” His is one of a half-a-dozen entries for that weekend. Barbara Wall

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