Comfort Theory Research Paper

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Final Paper in Comfort Theory Ruben Perez NGR 5110 July 15th, 2013. Prof. Dr. Daniel Little Nursing Scenario I chose this scenario which is appropriate for the application of Kolcaba’s Comfort theory: You are a nurse on an inpatient oncology unit. Your patient is a 72-year-old competent male who has been told his cancer is terminal and that further treatment is unlikely to have any benefit. He accepts that and would like to explore hospice. However, his two adult children insist that he should continue chemotherapy and fight on and they tell you not to discuss with him or get a consult for hospice. Specific Concepts of the Theory In order to address this scenario I used the middle range theory of Comfort and its specific…show more content…
(Peterson and Bredow, 2009). Regarding the relevance to nursing practice, comfort is a positive outcome that is linked to an increase in health seeking behaviors and to positive institutional outcomes (Kolcaba & DiMarco, 2005). Nurses are constantly utilizing the comfort mechanisms and try to move patients towards the transcendence phase. Psychospiritual needs include teaching confidence and motivation through discomfort. Ways that nurses can implement comfort measures are through massage, allowing visitation, caring touch and continued encouragement (Kolcaba & DiMarco, 2005). Sociocultural comfort needs are the needs for cultural sensitive reassurance and positive body language. Nurses can provide these needs through coaching, encouragement, and explaining procedures. Nurses can help patients achieve the environmental comfort by lowering the lights, closing the doors, interrupting sleep minimally and limiting loud noise around the patients rooms (Kolcaba & DiMarco, 2005). Nurses document patient’s states before and after the use of comfort measures to verify if they are improving or worsening the client’s condition. Nurses knowing a patient’s condition can provide comfort measures to prevent negative outcomes. If a patient is requesting hospice care, a nurse may be aware of the possibility of achieve this goal. If the nurse notices an increase in pain, facial grimacing and anxiety, the nurse may realize that he
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