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Someone once said “Great things never come from comfort zones.” That is basically saying that if people have a comfort zone they won’t fully be able to enjoy the things that make them happy. With comfort zones it holds people back from becoming the best. The dictionary states that comfort zones are “a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease without stress”. “Relief”, “soothe”, and “ease” are just some of the synonyms of this phrase. “Discomfort”, “stress”, and “unhappiness” are some of the antonyms of this word. Comfort zones make one feel happy or safe, and they tend to go back to that place or state of mind when times get hard. Most people don't have a very large comfort zone which means they are scared to do stuff that scares them, they don't take risks. All of these people were forced to go out of their comfort zone because they didn't believe in what was going on, they wanted to make a change, or just simply because they wanted to be remembered as something more. There are more good things about not having a comfort zone vs having a comfort zone. The good thing is that people who don't have a comfort zone never are afraid to do anything they're not comfortable with. The people that have a comfort zone are afraid to do anything. The first example is Temple Grandin, she was a woman with autism that was bullied and she had to figure how to get out of her comfort zone. When she did that she wasnt afraid to do anything. The second example is Malala, she was about
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