Comforting Thoughts

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Everyone has their own comfort spot. By this, i simply mean a physical or emotional place where one identifies with his her self, and finds peace. There are infinite possible comfort spots, be it one's own bed, in a certain car, the memory of a past-time, etc. These periods of solace are a true necessity to maintaining an optimistic perspective on life. In times of stress or depressing moods, we rely on our comfort thoughts. It is because of this concept that I decided to examine these "happy places" not just in myself, but those closest to me as well. I have dissected the reasons for particular comfort spots and developed the thesis that it requires time away from these states or areas of solace to truly appreciate them as something…show more content…
I lived in LA where it was very crowded. I remember the time I took you and your brother into the caves at Lajolla Beach, it rings out in my mind. When I was in college, I lived on the beach. Its where I would always go, I would go there to think and relax. I was always comfortable there, and I made a hobby out of exploring the beach. I could pretend nobody else was there. I like walking up and down the beach and looking at surfers. I remember plenty of happy times at the beach, like when my mom planted you and your brother in the sand. I love how California has a giant coastline, and I love cliffs , which there is no shortage of there. In high school, as bad as it sounds, I used to cut class with my friends sometimes and just go to the beach, and everything was so much more simple there. At different times in my life, throughout all the different phases ive gone through in life, Ive lived at the beach and always enjoyed it so much, I have always lived watching the sunset over the ocean. Here, on the east coast, when I go to the beach I continue with the same relaxing hobbies I used to always have, except I guess I’m watching the sunrise over the ocean, rather than the sunset. Next, I asked my dad the same. His response was as follows: “ I identity most with New Zealand in 1972. It was a time in my life when I was single, when I was traveling with a backpack on my back, I spent three months there, I was footloose and fancy free, they
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