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COMG 151 Personal and Public Speech Spring 2013 Study Guide – Midterm Exam DATE: Wednesday, February 27 at 12:30pm in Bilger 152 *This review sheet is for the midterm. The ideas listed below represent issues and content with which you should be familiar. They do NOT necessarily represent an exhaustive list of all material subject to examination but should give you direction in your preparation for the exam.* YOU WILL NEED TO BRING A NUMBER 2 PENCIL. Chapter 1 – Communication Perspectives 1. Why is communication important? ● Communication is inescapable and we spend 80% -­ 90% of our waking hours communicating 2. What are the communication models…show more content…
high-­context meeting a low-­context) can result in misunderstanding and negative feelings between two people ● Society expects men to always use masculine style while women are expected to use feminine style Chapter 4 – Nonverbal Communication 1. What are the functions of nonverbal messages? ● Substitute ● complement verbal messages: adds to verbal message, improves clarity and understanding ● contradict: non verbal behavior not reflecting verbal message 2. Know the different codes (i.e., kinesics, haptics, proxemics, vocalics, chronemics, and self-­ presentation cues). Code 1 -­ Kinesics / Use of the body ● Gestures ○ Emblems -­ gestures with explicit meaning and dictionary definitions ○ Illustrator -­ gestures that accompany verbal message ○ Adaptors -­ Touching behaviors that reveal internal states such as anxiety ■ self adaptors ■ object adaptors -­ handling of objects ■ other adaptors -­ touching other people ● Eye contact / Oculesics ○ both people are looking directly into each others eyes ● Functions ○ regulates interaction ○ monitors interaction ○ signals cognitive activity ○ expresses involvement ● Facial Expressions ○ emotional displays ○ six emotions shown through face ■
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