Comic Books, By Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, And Frank Millar

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There will always be entertainment and in the 1960’s comic books ruled the entertainment industry, and even now they dominate as comic book movies. The worlds created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Frank Millar have become pop culture and people across the world have gazed upon this form of art and literature combined. The protectors of the universe, as powerful as they can be, are missing one key component, the universe. The issue that comic books have not been as diverse as the world they protect is, has been raised many times and the controversy has been mostly addressed. The ways in which they have been addressed has caused even more controversy. The argument has many to believe that anyone can relate to these characters through personal experiences and characteristics. Many issues have come about and the support and opposition have got many great points, however, the opposition to include more diverse characters in comic books has a more realistic outlook. There is a sense of conclusion in the realm of equality, however, as many Americans would tell you it has so far to go. The tribulations and sacrifices by so many to gain the attention of the public and the officials that run the government. That has been through protests, sit-ins, and speeches. The African- Americans have led the way with other minorities coming to the frontlines of equality for all of humanity. Then there is our pop culture, the thing most Americans are obsessed with and are willing to put forward…
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