Comics: Chapter 2: Influence Of Comics

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Chapter 2
Influence of Comics

Today people live in an increasingly visual world, where we are engaged not only by texts but also by images. We are influenced by internet, magazines, advertisement, games, picture books, film, anime, comic books and so many more. Those media are using images to communicate, entertain and gain profit. It has shown an increasing usage proportion of visual or graphic representation and less text. We are now living in images dominated world. Berger (1972: 10) explained they are important because images or visuals can actually attach to somebody’s consciousness stronger and longer.

2.1. Comic Books History
It is striking that comic book has escalated into one of the popular cultures. They are entering into people’s everyday lives through television shows, Hollywood’s films, game industries even the internet has become one platform to spread comics. Comic book has also become one major form of a sequential art. It kept growing into a better quality in term of paper, printing and color quality. Comic books have been around for long time. The earliest known comic book is believed to be The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck (Les Amours de Mr. Vieux Bois), created by Rudolph Töpffer in 1837 (Fig.1 and Fig. 2). It is a forty pages book with combination
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Nowadays, people can easily find comic books, either through book shops or online, but if they do it most likely they will find majority of costumed superheroes. Are all comic books about superheroes? No. These books cannot accurately define comic books. We have to see comic books as a medium. Scott McCloud, a theorist in comic book defines comic book as a ‘juxtaposed pictorial and other images in a deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or produce an aesthetic response in the viewer’ (1993:9). In his talk in TED filmed in 2005, McCloud further described what he thinks comic book

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