Coming, Aphrodite! Essay

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“Coming, Aphrodite!” by Willa Cather is a story that portrays the elements of a romance. A definition of Romance is a strong, sometimes short-lived attachment, fascination, or enthusiasm for something. This definition describes the relationship between Don Hedger and Eden Bower. Don, who is a painter, was dark and quiet. He rejected fame and didn’t need fortune to be successful, he painted for “painters,--haven’t been born.” (37) Contrastingly, Eden was light and free spirited. She went out into the world to meet new people and to become known. Because the both of them were from totally opposite worlds, their attraction sparked like fireworks. They both were young artists wanting success and wealth out of life, but in different…show more content…
This story also portrays valor, which is described as courage and boldness. Both Eden and Don carry this characteristic. Eden’s boldness was recognized right away when she took Molly Welch’s place and went up into the hot air balloon. “I don’t know. When I saw her coming down, I wanted to try it. It looked exciting. Didn’t I hold myself as well as she did?” (29) This quote suggests to the reader that Eden is a very courageous person who loves to take risks whenever she see fit. She is also bold as to the fact that she is willing to do anything and possibly everything it takes to achieve her dream of fame. Similarly, Don also shows courage and boldness. His boldness is shown by him refusing help to become successful. He chooses to not be recognized by connecting with people who are known but by using his true talent to gain success. I think that he is courageous because he doesn’t try to persuade people to pull strings for him, but he recognizes his own talent and considers himself successful whether or not his work is being viewed. “As I look at it, … I am successful.” (37) Another element of this story is emotion. Emotion is described as a strong feeling of any kind. This story possessed a lot of emotion, ranging from Don’s see-saw feelings of Eden, to Eden’s feelings of being successful. Don’s emotions throughout this story was kind of rocky, as to how he felt about Eden.
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