Coming From An American Culture

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When I think of culture I usually think of what I grew up knowing; religion, food music, etc. Being American, people usually think very stereotypically; white, racist, and no flavoring in their food. I disagree with these ideas; coming from an American culture I deal with a melting pot of ideas, the reason for this is because of all the people that come in and out of the U.S.; they leave a mark on this country with a piece of their heritage. It also means wearing all types of different clothing, eating different types of food, listening to new kinds of music you may or may not like; basically just being open to try new things. This culture is probably one of the most unique cultures out there; without this culture, and this country even, the world would be much more different than the world we know today. America is a melting pot of different cultures. While English is the main language spoken in the country, people also speak just about every other language there is due to the huge diversity. All forms of art are also appreciated here, different arts range from things such as architecture/design, to dance, to literature. All arts are greatly viewed and appreciated, some of the greatest paintings come from America as well. When it comes to fashion and dressing in America, the times have changed for how…show more content…
Our current president right now is Donald Trump, a republican whose views don’t necessarily match the views of others. The United States is basically separated into two main political groups; Republicans and Democrats. America also has three different branches of government; the executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch. The executive branch deals with the president and everyone who works for him. The legislative branch deals with the congress and everyone who creates the laws. The judicial branch deals with the Supreme Court
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