Coming From An Awareness Of Language By Malcolm X

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In Malcolm X 's biography "Coming to an Awareness of Language" he reveals that he struggled with expressing himself in his writing due to lack of education. He grew up speaking only slang and even though he was well respected for being one of the best speakers in the streets, it didn 't get him very far when he needed to be seen in the eyes of professionals. While incarcerated inNorfolk Prison Colony, Malcolm X wrote to various people about a variety of issues that he deemed important. However none of those letters were responded to,and his desire to be taken seriously led him to expand his education. X’s essay was effective to show people that language is a weapon; it 's only as powerful as the person behind it. In this excerpt X realizes that the knowledge of language has an effect on how people perceive you. X recalls about how in the streets, he was the most articulate hustler out there. "I commanded attention when I said something." (X, 69).However while being in prison, he realized his street slang was not getting him the attention he thought he deserved - or any attention at all. His language limited him from being able to express his passion for the issues that he wrote about.While incarcerated Malcolm 's brother would visit him and talk to X about his recent conversion to the Muslim religion. Intrigued by the culture, Malcolm started to study the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. At first, X wrote letters to a variety of individuals such as Sammy the Pimp, John

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