Coming From Childhood Into Womanhood

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In “Coming to age in Mississippi” Moody describes her life from childhood into Womanhood in rural Mississippi. Her autobiography provides incite into the atrocities committed in the south due to racism and prejudice. Moody illustrates how the economic, and social injustices of the 1940s and 50s plagued her childhood. Inspiring her to make a change as a leading advocate during the Civil Rights Movement.
From her earliest memories Moody recognized the color of skin would dictate her finances. In the first chapter of her autobiography, moody describes the rickety one bedroom shack that “was up on the hill with Mr. Carters big white house”. her sharecropping family lived in when she was four years old. Throughout her adolescence Moody continued living in small, old homes, until Raymond builds the family a five-bedroom home, none the less the bathroom was still outdoors. Moody’s incite of the economic contrast between the whites and blacks of her town increases when she works white homes and observes the differences. Ms. Ola’s bathroom was a subject of awe for moody as a young girl, the white bathtub and soft pink rug seemed luxurious to Moody who bathed in a tin tub moody uses a metal tub to bathe in, so the porcelain white bathtub truly seemed luxurious to Moody.
Similarly, to Moody’s less than suitable living conditions Moody and her family suffered from hunger, sometimes only having beans for dinner. She recalled that “Sometimes Mama would bring us the white…
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