Coming From The Republic Of Ghana

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Coming from The Republic of Ghana, I know firsthand that sweatshops and the child labor that takes place in them can be both dehumanizing and destructive. However, I also understand the benefits of sweatshops. Despite all the facts that prove that sweatshops and the child labor that happens in them are bad, the truth of the matter is that some places have now become so dependent on the income they are receiving from sweatshops that there is no alternative in their minds. In addition, some kids have already fallen too far behind to return back to school.
Having lived in the United States for a majority of my life, I cannot help but feel as though I have been given tremendous opportunities that I may have never received if I had stayed in my
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According to cultural relativism, this is wrong. In French J. Lawrence’s Children’s Labor Market Involvement, Household Work, and Welfare: A Brazilian Case Study he argues that there should more of a focus “– on ending the exploitation of children rather than depriving them of all opportunities to work.” (Spath) Like he does, I argue that the assessment of whether or not sweatshops are bad cannot be made because. According to cultural relativism says, we have no right to deem someone else’s practices as wrong. If those that work in sweatshops need it to survive who are we to deprive them of a means to survive? If a person believes that it is in their self-interest to act in a certain way, does that not justify their actions? This brings up the argument of what way a person ought to act.
Ethical Egoism is a philosophical doctrine in which it is asserted that all people ought to act according to their own self-interest. In the case of sweatshops, ethical egoism would assert that those who decide to work in sweatshops or those who set them up, if acting according to their self-interest, are doing what they ought to do. There are various forms of ethical egoism but nearly all of them can be argued to not be complete. If we assert that man has the autonomy and should act in their own interest, then we must be aware that man can act in their own self-interest but still act in another person’s self-interest. Assuming that man acts altruistically is difficult,
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