Coming From The Republic Of Ghana

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Coming from The Republic of Ghana, I know firsthand that sweatshops and the child labor that takes place in them can be both dehumanizing and destructive. However, I also understand the benefits of sweatshops. Despite all the facts that prove that sweatshops and the child labor that happens in them are bad, the truth of the matter is that some places have now become so dependent on the income they are receiving from sweatshops that there is no alternative in their minds. In addition, some kids have already fallen too far behind to return back to school.
Having lived in the United States for a majority of my life, I cannot help but feel as though I have been given tremendous opportunities that I may have never received if I had stayed in my birthplace of Bogoso, Ghana. I remember early on in my youth, I would often joke around with close friends saying, “Where I was born, Google Earth has yet to map.” Despite my ignorance, at an early age, I was able to understand that poverty was not an anomaly where I was born. Even still today, I find my character and my drive being significantly influenced by my upbringing. Contrary to my schooling in several American school systems, I have still held on to my Ghanaian morals and values. A lot of the time when we as individuals or even our society at large come together to evaluate if something is morally wrong or right we have a hard time getting past our personal biases. We base our arguments on how we grew up and what we believe to be…
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