Coming Home Essay

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How does the poet bring out the theme of ‘passing of time’ in the poem ‘Coming Home’? The poem ‘Coming Home’ by Owen Sheers, explores the description of the poets visits to his family, and how the passage of time has changed some things and make some things feel odd. There are three main characters in this poem, namely the mother, father and the grandfather, as well as the narrator, who is the poet and reflecting on this visit of his. It is in the form of omnipresent narration, which gives it somewhat of a constant flow throughout each stanza. The reflection is done in a low tone, which makes the reader not focus at any particular part of the poem, while the vivid imagery and attention to detail captivates the readers mind throughout the…show more content…
This stanza ends in a grim fashion, which is “it is a tune that he plays faster each year”, which tells us that time has taken a severe toll on his grandfather, and that there is nothing that those around him can do but hope for his wellbeing. Finally, I would like to say that this poem paints an accurate picture of aging and passage of time in real time, and though it is grim, it is nothing but the truth that is seen in the world
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