Coming Into Communication Class I Didn 't Know About The Group

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Group Summary Coming into communication class I didn’t expect much to get out. I thought it was some class that would just teach you how to talk in front of other people. I didn’t expect to have much work done. When going in I saw that it was different then what I have taught. There were many other things that I didn’t not know about how to talk and present especially about group work. Throughout my time in communication it was really different then what I taught. In the group I was in I learned a lot from being in the group that I did not know. I understood the principal in being in the group and how important it is to put in your work and effort in the group. I learned if you do not do this it really set backs your group and it makes it harder for you to work together. It creates a lot of conflict between each other and it makes it harder for you to communicate and there is awkward tension between each other. Many groups have these problems but I was lucky enough to be put with my group because we did not struggle with each other.
In my group our first presentation was not hard at all for us. Right from the beginning we had a connection with each other from the beginning. Our presentation was on the unemployment in the United states mainly focusing in the San Joaquin Valley. We always had group meeting every week to discuss what we were going to go and we had deadlines for each other. My group and I created a group chat and we were able to communicate

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