Coming Into English 101 As A Freshman Art Student

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Coming into English 101 as a freshman art student with only the standard amount of high school writing experience under my belt, this course initially was a bit of a struggle. Though many of my art classes include writing interpretive essays and analysing visual works of art, being able to interpret and analyze a written article proved to be a whole different and difficult procedure for me. Over the course of the class we had to read three major articles and respond to each one by writing an interpretive essay. In writing these essays we aimed at improving our writing skills in efforts to be able to analyze and interpret specific text, maintain a controlling purpose, and demonstrate awareness of rhetorical situations. Initially my writing lacked structure and a controlling purpose which caused my ideas to be incoherent and hard for the reader to understand. These difficulties could be attributed to the fact that I am an art student plagued with the disorganization and non-verbal method of an artist’s brain. Being this way, interpreting and conveying my thoughts accurately and eloquently into the assigned writings was fairly tough. However, during the course of English 101 I was able to identify my weaknesses through the aid of writing communities such as peer review sessions and conferences with my professor. With the help from these resources and the writing process I learned to better organize my essays and maintain a controlling purpose in order to help my audience
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