Coming Of Age : A Memoir Written By Anne Moody

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Coming of Age in Mississippi is a memoir written by Anne Moody. It is a detailed life story written from the author’s own personal experiences. The story is broken out into four major life phases, which are, childhood, high school, college and the movement, where Moody details her experiences in each event. Moody does not specifically state when her story begins, but the reader is able to get the feel that it takes place after the Reconstruction Era. It is important to note that by Moody not giving specific dates, her story is timeless and details the ongoing struggles of African Americans in the United States.
Anne’s story begins as an introduction into her childhood. She lived on a farm where her parents worked, as did all the Negroes that lived on the property. Her family lived in a small wooden shack; it had one large room and a kitchen. Anne is four years old when she begins her story. Anne and her family grew up very poor, both of her parents had to work. Her father did not make enough money so their mother could stay home and the girls rarely saw their parents because they had to work so much. Anne’s uncle George watched her and her sister Adline, he was only eight years old. Her uncle George did not like the fact he had to watch Anne, he wanted to fish, chase birds or go out to play, but was forbidden by the girls mother to take them out of the house. This angered George, whenever he wanted to play he would beat Anne, one day George is playing…

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