Coming Of Age Is A Process

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“Coming of age is a process wherein an individual develops self-actualization.” (Short Story Returned, Raghuram) Throughout freshman year English, I have overcome numerous predicaments, consequently progressing in my coming of age process. My journey thus far parallels the plot of a crime novel. Similar to the protagonist of a crime novel, I have and will continue to face a series of unforeseen events on my ultimate quest to fight for justice or to mature. The countless setbacks of my expedition parallel the plot’s antagonist causing harm or evading conviction while my progression is depicted by the latter, catching a break in the case. By the denouement, I, the detective, will have achieved my goal of apprehending the criminal, helping to rid the world of one less offender. Throughout this school year, I have matured through reading, writing, and experience respectively by learning to introspect about the importance of morals from literature in my life, carefully emendate my work and apply my newfound knowledge of maturation to my own life. Often times, reading can help one to mature as readers often can derive the morals of a story through thematic elements which they can apply to their respective lives. Throughout English I, I have undoubtedly changed as a reader. Prior to, my reading style was surface level. A rookie detective, I was not particularly vigilant towards all the details of a case; similarly, as a student, I was unobservant to the specifics of a text and my…

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