Coming Of Age Short Story

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What is coming of age? In broadest terms, a transition from childhood to adulthood defines coming of age, but how can a literary character “grow up” in a fifteen-page short story or even a 200-page graphic novel? The protagonist usually reaches an epiphany and discovers something that taints the naivité and innocence associated with being a child. For instance, Omovo, the Nigerian protagonist of “In the Shadow of War” by Ben Okri, follows a mysterious woman into the woods. His realization occurs when he discovers the horrible truth of war; Nigerian soldiers assault her. On the other hand, Marji from Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is more slowly exposed different aspects war over the course of the novel and eventually leaves her home country, signaling a coming of age. Both Omovo and Marji discover the horrible truths of war during their story and lose their innocence; these stories reveal that a traumatic event triggers a coming of age. “In the Shadow of War” by follows the story of a young boy, Omovo. Omovo follows a woman into the forest; he had previously been instructed to tell the soldiers upon seeing her. Omovo walks by dead animals in the river. He follows the woman into the forest, who turns out to be helping women and children. However, the Nigerian soldiers seize the woman and begin to attack her: “Her head was bald, and disfigured with a deep corrugation. There was a livid gash along the side of her face... She fell on her face and lay still” (Okri 57). During
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