Coming Of Age Stories From China Essay

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Coming of Age Stories The Cultural Revolution could be defined as one of the disasters in China. In that period, most of the students were forced to become sent-down youth and lost chances to be educated at school. However, Chinese people explored some important spirits in this period. Both Wang and Zheng experienced the transition period in China and they left valuable gifts to the next generation in China. When they recalled their sent-down youth experience, both of them found the positive point inside this dark period. In the period of Cultural Revolution, the sent-down youth movement made most people considers the meaning of life. According to Zheng’s article, Images Memories Lives, “In this former sent down youth are presented as cheerful youth men and women, physical strong and wealth, their labor rights and easy to shoulder.” At that time, youth started to think about if they joined the sent-down youth movement, they would gain the most benefit because they became society constructors. During the movement, they were not only make money for their families, but also contributed to the development of socialism in countryside. To be equal was one of the most important points in socialism and sent down youth movement made whole society approached to this main point. Based on Zheng’s memoir, “They also take solace in the spiritual support and companionship they offered one another in the countryside and seek to keep these relationships alive.” No one was useless in the
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