Coming Of Age Throughout Mississippi By Anne Moody

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Coming of Age in Mississippi is an autobiography written by Anne Moody formerly known as Essie Mae Moody. The book is set in Mississippi in the 1940’s and covers her childhood and development that coincides with the civil rights movement. She was born Essie Mae Moody in 1940, but would change her name to Anne in high school. Essie Mae grew up in Wilkerson County, a very rural county in Mississippi that suffered from extreme racism and poverty. The book is 424 pages long and the chapters flow together in chronological order from her childhood to her college days as a member of NAACP and SNCC and CORE (Coalition for the Organization of Racial Equality). Anne Moody has said that when she wrote her autobiography, she considered herself an activist, not a writer.
Today, the book is assigned in literature courses, as well as history and social science courses. Of all the tens of thousands of autobiographies, social exposés, and historical accounts, Coming of Age in Mississippi is one of the few still taught today. Anne Moody was like many other young protesters in the movement that believed that the civil rights movement’s leaders, like Martin Luther King, Jr. and others, relied too heavily upon non-violent protests and rallies that were proving mostly fruitless. The closing chapters of Coming of Age in Mississippi stress the need to strengthen the movement with more aggressive measures. At the end of her autobiography, twenty-three-year-old Moody is getting on a bus to
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