Coming Of Age Throughout Mississippi By Anne Moody

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In the book Coming Of Age In Mississippi by Anne Moody gives us a life perspective on how life was in the past for blacks. As well as her life story on how she suffered so much but she never gave up. She always found ways to overcome things and wanted to help blacks so they would no longer be suffering and have freedom. The book/author both add to the conversations we had in class. For example: how blacks had no freedom, worked for whites and were mistreated. They were not paid well, so many of them were poor. They as well had sharecropping. Including the civil rights movement. In my view this is a very worthy source of historical information and argumentation of work. It shows us all that blacks had to go through to survive. As well as how much they suffered. All blacks worked for where the whites which they were always mistreated, not payed enough. They were poor and had lots of family to feed. Many of the kids like Essie Mae had to work for a very low pay but it helped them not starve. It made us see later in the book of all the killings of blacks that were happening. They were all too afraid to speak up and do something about it, but not Essie Mae. During her time trying to help out and win blacks their freedom a lot happened that is still talked about today. The author did not include race, poverty, labor issues, and economic problems they were facing. The author might have had a reason why she left all these things out. Might have just wanted us to see her point of
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