Coming Of Age Throughout Mississippi By Anne Moody

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The mid to early 1900 's were a brutal and troublesome time for African Americans. The constant racial and social discrimination was something they faced and something that continues to plague us today. In Anne Moody 's book, "Coming of Age in Mississippi" she depicts how life was growing up in the south through her eyes. The constant discrimination and abuse that many African American minorities faced was something she grew up with. As she grows up and takes part of many organizations to fight for equality, Moody manages to gather valuable experiences and wonders if the issue of racism is something that will truly be conquered.
Anne grew up with her mother, father and younger sister in a two-room shack amidst a plantation. As a child she was already thrown into the harsh reality of slavery. Her parents would work the fields day in and day out with little interaction towards their children. Anne had a tough childhood simply because she had to live among slaves and embrace their lifestyles. To make matters worse, their shack was barely even habitable to begin with. With no electricity or indoor plumbing, they had to make do with what they had through the changing seasons of the year. Carter 's house was the only one with electricity or plumbing and this is where Anne begins to see the segregation take place although she still does not quite understand it. While the Carter 's, who are white, had electricity, the black slaves had to endure torturous nights without proper
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