Coming Of Age To Kill A Mockingbird

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Literary elements take up substantial fragments in stories today. In the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird”, there is a young boy named Jem Finch and throughout the story, you start to realise that he’s growing up, not physically, but mentally, we call that ‘the coming of age’. Jem’s coming of age experience is developed at Mrs.Dubose’s (a bad tempered old lady) house through conflict, irony, and symbol. To begin with, Jem and Mrs.Dubose have a person vs. person conflict as Jem and his little sister, Scout bound down the street Mrs.Dubose lives on. Mrs.Dubose spits harsh words about Atticus, (Jem’s father), in Jem’s and Scout’s faces. “Your fathers no better than the nig*ers and trash he works for.” (To Kill A Mockingbird, pg.117). When Mrs.Dubose
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