Coming Out From Behind The Badge

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AJ 25 Book Critique– (HANNA SANSOM – Spring 2016)


Miraglia, G. (2007). Coming out from behind the badge. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse.


Coming out from behind the badge is a novel written by a gay police officer named Greg focusing on homosexuality in the law enforcement profession. Throughout part I of the novel, Greg uses his own personal stories, as well as other’s personal stories, to help those going into law enforcement have a better understanding of homosexuality in the workplace. Following in part II, Greg gives step by step advice about coming out of the closet to fellow gay officers, and the ways to create an accepting workplace for the LGBT community.

By giving perspectives of both gay men in the workplace and straight men who have encountered gay men in the workplace, it gives the reader real life examples of what it can be like. This book gives great advice for those who are looking to come out in law enforcement as well as giving good advice to those who may have fellow LGBT coworkers. It really shows LGBT officers options about what they can do about coming out in their department while still ensuring a successful law enforcement career.

Coming out can be scary for both the person coming out and the people they are telling, and Miraglia does a great job of acknowledging this is the book and giving solutions. The person coming out is terrified of what they will think, and the person…

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