Coming Out Of The Darkness : The Journey A New Black Nation Essay

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Coming Out of the Darkness: The Journey a New Black Nation

When I survey the current state of black America, or blacks internationally, what I see hurts me to the core. We are the most marginalized, abused and oppressed group of people in the world. For years, I have been anatomizing the issues to determine the cause. I am a person who believes in identifying causation, because if you can identify causation, you can develop a strategy to stop the negative forces that are behind the current situation, reverse the damage, and move forward. What I have discovered is that there are multitudinous issues that are the result of complex mechanisms that must be addressed individually.
What I can tell you is that attempting to develop a quick fix for these enigmatic issues that we face is tantamount to placing a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. There are so many ways that we are hemorrhaging financially, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, that it is paramount that we engage the sources and causation in order to stop the perpetual damage that is taking place. We must then stop the hemorrhaging by cauterizing the wounds and beginning the healing process.
When I began the process of writing my latest book, The Mis-education of Black Youth in America: The Final Move on the Grand Chessboard, I quickly discovered that there was so much collateral and direct damage that we could not possibly holistically educate our youth without addressing some of the enigmatic issues we face…

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