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Transitions are never an easy thing to conquer. It is often hard and stressful to cope with changes to one’s surrounding, but in the cases in which one manages to conquer this obstacle, elevation of knowledge and experience are great results gained from this achievement. I originally came from Africa and recently moved to the United States to join my mother and my step father. This great change in the things I had become accustomed to in my daily life was not easy, furthermore taking into account the fact that I had never experienced a transition so little as shifting from one residence to another. My journey all began as I took my first steps on American soil. It was in the month of February and the snow still lined the edges of…show more content…
In the days leading up to my school enrollment in high school, I wondered what this new school system would be like and if I could manage to cope and blend in with the rest of the crowd without losing my unique characteristics. Other than that, I was filled with great exuberance beginning to build the foundation of my destined career as a pharmacist at the same time increasing my skills as a woods craftsman. The day I had been contemplating finally arrived. I was required to complete a placement test in order to determine what level I was on in the grounds of academics. This, as I had wished, is what led to me being accepted into an AP chemistry course. In less than a week of starting the chemistry course I was top of the class and in my natural character of helping others helped my classmates at any time that they asked for help or clarification on a certain topic. This attitude to help others in itself is what helped me forge friendships with not only the students but the teachers as well. Similarly in times when I would be having struggles to understand something being taught I would find it in my own power to go get clarification from any teacher dealing in that particular field of study. Thereafter, I would help others struggling with the same predicament so as to broaden my understanding at the same time share knowledge upon the same topic. In September of my senior year, I was shifted to a larger high

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