What Are The Stereotypes Of Media Bias

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Today’s media likes to give the appearance of honesty and truth, but it is really still just biased propaganda paid for by the bigger powers that control the news we know today. Many People are easily swayed by big news companies because they think they can trust them, when in reality they are just taking advantage of people. A story I found from CNN talked about How a North Korean missile test earned Kim Jong Un’s praise (K.J. Kwon, CNN). This shows that a lot of the stories that media covers seem to be pretty underwhelming, but they use cliffhangers and over hype the story that is, “Coming up next!”, to make a pretty simple story seem impactful. The media over exaggerates events constantly, making a incredibly small and meaningless story into a devastating monster of a news report. A lot of the news is meant to sway your thoughts about an event or even a person. Sometimes you never even notice that you are being sculpted into thinking a certain way. All of these news providers have been around for years and years so they have perfected the art of manipulating its viewers into thinking exactly what they want them to think.…show more content…
Philip and Mrs. Narwin’s confrontation, that included singing along to the national anthem, was blown way out of proportion by the media in the book. The newspaper gets ahold of it and twists a few words around to make it interesting, and all of a sudden there is a huge story about how a teacher would not let a student flex his right to being patriotic. The reality of the situation is that a kid was just trying to be a nuisance and the teacher didn’t approve of it. The media ends up ruining both the teacher and the student’s
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