Coming Up Short: Working Heart Adulthood in an Age of Uncertainty

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The interviews vary from men to women, white to black, and are ranged within the ages of twenty-four to thirty-four. Silva compares the different generations, and how they have different ways of growing into adulthood, and how they have to re-imagine adulthood. Highlighted is the fact that economic insecurity is affecting the ability to connect with others, get an education, make certain choices, and follow certain dreams. Silva writes: "experiences of powerlessness, confusion, and betrayal within the labour market, institutions such as education and the government, and the family teach young working-class men and women that they are completely alone, responsible for their own fates and dependent on outside help at their peril. They are learning the hard way that being an adult means trusting no one by yourself." Silva states that young working-class are going through many more struggles, and going through those struggles in a more difficult way than previous generations did to simply become an adult. “Whatever happens next, happens, and I will deal with it when it happens.” are one of the ways an interviewee is dealing with this problem, and quite frankly it is also my perspective.
Many of the young people Silva interviews have somewhat…

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