Coming of Age in Mississippi

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Coming of Age in Mississippi Anne Moody

1. What did the murder of Samuel O’Quinn do to Anne Moody?
2. What were the causes of Anne Moody’s relationship with her mother changing when she went to college at Tougaloo?
3. During the movement, why was organizing in Canton, Mississippi so much more difficult than in Jackson, Mississippi?

Introduction Coming of Age in Mississippi is an autobiographical book written by Anne Moody. The book entails the struggles throughout an African American Childs’ life from four-years-old through womanhood in the South and the role that race and racism played in America during that time. It helps one to become aware of life in the South before and during the Civil Rights Movement while
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She became sick of people and tired of the way things were in Centerville. Through it all she still excelled in high school and was an excellent basketball player, while using these things as a means of escape from the violence that surrounded her. She decided to spend the summer in New Orleans. She worked in a chicken factory as a strike breaker then found work in a restaurant making more money than she ever had before. Essie Mae started becoming a young woman, changed her hair and the way she dressed. She started having to deal with sexual advances from men, including her mother’s partner, Raymond, that caused immense problems in the family. She quickly grew tired of Raymond looking at her and moved in with her father and his wife until she graduated from high school from one of the new “separate but equal schools” in Wilkinson County. This section ended when Essie Mae received a basketball scholarship to attend Natchez Junior College in the fall.

College In the shortest section of the book, Essie Mae began her college career at Natchez Junior College. She was very excited and nervous about college but was disappointed with Natchez. There were tensions with some of her teachers and the administration. She was tough, organized, and opinionated. She was a loner but worked hard on the basketball team and did excellent in school. She protested against the condition of the food at the college and led a demonstration
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