Coming of Age in Mississippi by Ann Moody Essay

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Coming of Age in Mississippi Coming of Age in Mississippi by Ann Moody is detailing the experiences while growing up as a black woman in rural Mississippi before and during the civil rights movement. The memoir covers Ann’s life from her childhood to adulthood. It provides a fascinating glance at the lives of Negroes working in the plantations several years before the start of civil rights movement. It clearly outlines the poverty, desperation and suffering experienced by blacks who worked for the whites in their homes (Moody 2011, 15). The book presents a unique approach employed by the author when confronted with the issues of racism and most of all, dealing with the rights of African- American people. This paper will be based on the…show more content…
Instead, they feared raising an alarm, lest they get fired from their jobs and eventually having their families starve to death. One of the most outstanding themes in this story is the manner in which the author expresses pure honesty in her views. She gives an honest opinion concerning any issue that affects her life without being belittled by the status of the individual or what other would say. The fact that she gives her positive and negative feelings about something is very impressive given that she grows gradually in the autobiography. During her former years, she is very honest when expressing her feelings about her dad after he left them for another woman. She is also very disgusted by the irresponsible behavior of George Lee after he claimed that she was the one who lit their house, thereby making her to be thoroughly beaten by her dad (Moody 2011, 12). She felt like killing him by herself for incriminating her in the offence. In another instance, she was very mad at her mom for refusing to accept the money that her dad had offered them. She could not understand why she refused to take the money, and yet they were eating beans every day. The money could have catered for some additional ingredients such as meat in the diet. The most amazing thing concerning the author’s honest views on anything that surrounded her is that she even showed distaste with God. According to her, she believed that there would be no
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