Coming of Age in Mississippi vs. The Jungle Paper

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Coming of Age in Mississippi vs. The Jungle Paper
There is an argument that states that Anne Moody's tale in Coming of Age in Mississippi is a more optimistic tale then that of Jurgis Rutkis in The Jungle and vice versa. This is not the case. When you take the time to analyze both story, you come to find that both have the same pessimistic core. The only difference is the character Jurgis was optimist throughout most of the beginning despite his circumstances yet in the end he loses all hope while Anne throughout was a realist who was determined to succeed.
I feel that Anne Moody story is a blunt open description of how hard live was for Blacks.
Anne never minced words when it came to the events that took place in her life; a lot
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She was determined to seek out equality. These realities started when she became aware of the differences in how Blacks are treated with in their race how light skinned were treated better than dark skinned. "Raymond was going with a yellow woman at the same time he was going with Mama. All of his people wanted him to marry her. They didn't want him to marry
Mama, who wasn't yellow and who was stuck with the three of us." This type of racism is prevalent in the south during the pre Civil Rights period. Ms. Moody learns how badly White
People can treat Black by the death of Emmit Till.
When faced with the facts of Moody's life, it is not hard to figure out where the inspiration and optimism comes in to play. A person can find hope when thinking about the dedication and diligence she took in being a good student from elementary through high school.
The optimism comes from looking at how she scrapes together the money it took to go to college. Even though she might have grown up with a hard life, she fought for different ways to better it. Her diligence to have a better life is best described by her commitment to the Civil
Rights movement. She was willing to go the distance to get the equal rights she felt was owed to her. Look at how Moody kept pressing to get blacks in Mississippi to register to vote. At the time, little more the 5% of African Americans in Mississippi were registered voters. This is in large part

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