Essay Coming to America - My Story

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Lawrence Rigby 24nd June 2011
ENG 101
Prof. Diane Thomas

First Draft: Narrative Essay

The Bahamas to America – My Story

There is a country that can be found by plane just thirty minutes off the coast of Florida. Made up of seven hundred islands and cays, scattered over five thousand square miles. It’s people? - Indigenous, and known as some of the worlds friendliest. It’s motto? “It’s better in The Bahamas.” As the Boeing 747 taxied down the runway and rose into the sun-filled clouds, my mother glanced at me. “This is it Lawrence. Are you ready for Hampton?” I didn’t answer. Instead, I stared out the window. I could not help but to think about all the moments of adversity I had to overcome up to
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One thing was certain - I could count on was the advice of my family. Coming from a closely knit community, family support was a surety. They provided the support needed to my many cousins who embarked on this journey before me. No matter what doors being a Hamptonian was about to open, I could never forget them. Their sheer determination to see me succeed at anything I put my mind to provided me with enough motivation for the mission. The voice of the captain over the intercom broke my thoughts. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning to descend into Richmond. Please prepare for landing.” His timing was perfect. My mind was made up. The day I sent my reply letter along with my seat deposit, was the day I made the commitment to make the most of this opportunity. Failure was not an option. There were too many people counting on my success. The only thoughts etched in my mind were the steps I was prepared to take to ensure that I indeed complete the journey victoriously. I had never been to Hampton nor its campus, but for some strange reason I knew this was the place destined for me. Things felt right. This was my moment to make all of my dreams over the last few years, actuality. “Mummy?”….. I called out “Yes?” “I’m ready” My mother knew both my strengths and failures as a child. For me, I felt as if she knew all the chats and talks we had over the years were about to pay off. She always said things were like “pulling teeth”
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