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Coming To an Awareness of Language In the short narrative, Coming to an Awareness of Language, by Malcolm X, we are told the story of how a young Malcolm X developed from a illiterate street hustler to a self educated man in prison who would later go on to lead the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X recalls his stay in the Norfolk Prison Colony School as never feeling “so truly free in life.” OInTThe reader gets a firsthand account of the story from Malcolm X, which gives the audience a better and more realistic connection to situations in the story. Malcolm X did not have an easy life growing up. After the loss of his father, a Baptist minister and a black nationalist, and the admittance of his mother to a mental institution at an early…show more content…
Eventually Malcolm X learned decided to copy the entire dictionary which eventually broadened his word-base. In Norfolk Prison Colony Malcolm X felt free. Malcolm X felt that during his stay in the Norfolk Prison Colony he never felt more truly free. During his sentence, Malcolm X expanded his mind and became motivated to learned things that he most likely wouldn’t have on the streets. He becomes infatuated with reading and he spent his time in the library or in his bunk reading different books. Overtime Malcolm X became more influenced by Elijah Muhammad, a religious leader of the Nation of Islam. After finishing his time in prison, Malcolm X would also become a key leader of the Nation of Islam. In Coming to an Awareness of Language, the learning process that the author goes through can be compared to that of our own. Malcolm X put effort into every part of his learning experience. He struggles working on his penmanship, and is excited by learning word that he didn’t know existed like aardvark. Here the reader feels a connection to Malcolm X’s excitement and pain in his process of learning and writing new words to their own experiences learning. “I never realized so many words existed! ...In my slow, painstaking, ragged handwriting, I copied into my
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