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Case Study Analysis Amanda Lee February 25, 2013 Case Study Analysis INTRODUCTION: Carl Robins is faced with very serious problems as the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. This case study analysis will show the many problems that evolved when he attempted to recruit new employees to work for Monica Carroll. After reviewing the issues at hand, we will discuss the possible solutions available for Carl to rectify the situation and the proposed solution that he should take. Carl Robins is a competent employee of ABC, Inc. As with any new position a person is involved in, he will face challenges. However, it is not impossible to overcome these challenges. BACKGROUND: In early April, Carl recruited fifteen new hires to work for…show more content…
It seems that the problems with the new employee orientation just keep piling up for Carl. The next problem to arise is just as frustrating as the previous problems. Carl checks on the training room that he is planning on using for orientation. When he walks into the room he sees Joe, from technology, setting up computers all around the room. He finds out quickly that the training room has been reserved for both himself and Joe for the month of June so that Joe can train employees on a new software. It has been a very stressful day for Carl and after all of the issues he has found concerning the new trainee orientation, Carl panics. Many of the problems that Carl has found concerning the new employee orientation could have been avoided. Carl is a recently hired employee himself. He should have kept up with the progress of the new employee orientation and checked on the files for the applicants. ABC, Inc. should also have made sure that their new employee was capable of doing his job efficiently. If Carl had stayed on top of his project, the problems that he faced would not have occurred. PROPOSED SOLUTIONS: There are several problems that Carl is facing with his new employee orientation. The first problem is that the new trainees do not have complete applications on file and are missing their transcripts. To fix this problem Carl

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