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Final Research Paper COMM/215 26 Oct 2010 Introduction For years environmentalists have been screaming about going green, recycling and reusing products, and so forth. So the idea of our vehicles using alternative fuel sources would be a welcomed change. With the dozen of vehicles and fuel sources being introduced, it is now a possibility to add alternative fuel vehicles to our rental car fleet. Through this presentation, gasoline and alternative fuel vehicles will be fully outlined; the history, the sources of fuel, and consumer incentives will all be explained. Gasoline vehicles Gasoline powered vehicles are the types of vehicles that are commonly used around the world. Gasoline powered vehicles utilize an internal…show more content…
The current sources of fuel for gasoline and diesel vehicles are limited to gasoline, diesel, and biodiesel fuel. As of October 18, 2010, the average price for regular grade gasoline was $2.834 per gallon while the average price for diesel was $3.07 per gallon. Only the biodiesel fuel labeled B2, B5, and B20 can be used in a standard diesel vehicle without engine modifications. The average for B20 fuel mirrors the price of standard diesel fuel at $3.07 per gallon. Costs and sources of fuel for green vehicles In adherence to the rental car company policy of buying cars in bulk at wholesale prices, green cars are not yet massed produced. Manufacturers currently create set amounts of the green vehicles due to the cost and time required to make the hybrid batteries. The price for a 2011 Ford Focus Hybrid starts at $28,100. The Ford Fusion Hybrid uses both electricity and unleaded gasoline but fuel options. If one chose to convert to an alternate fuel vehicle, options are not limited; in fact there are several methods to choose from. The alternative fuel used can be chosen by a couple of factors such as lifestyle, make and model of vehicle and cost to purchase or convert. Biodiesel is the most popular form of alternative fuel with most diesel vehicles already set to use this fuel. It can be made from organic
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