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Cheri Allen COMS 3302 July 5, 2010 History of the YMCA Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the history of the YMCA. Introduction: I. “Good morning everyone. Before I begin my presentation I would like to show everyone a video clip.” Attention Getter: Youtube video clip plays which will formally give an introduction to the YMCA. “As you can tell by the video I will be giving a presentation on the YMCA. The YMCA relates to the career path that I’m in now it is also my current job and it also relates to my major. My major is University Studies with concentrations in health and wellness , community studies, and social science. All of these skills are needed to my job effectively. I will give a description of my…show more content…
They go on camping trips with other members, and father daughter dances, and take field trips. F. AOA stands for active older adults. This group makes up the seniors at the YMCA. We have exercising classes designed for them, health seminars monthly, game and movie days, and field trips. There is another program called silver sneakers. Depending on who your insurance is, your insurance can take care of your membership at the YMCA G. The Strong kid’s campaign is a financial aid program offered to anybody who may be in need and can’t afford the program. According to the YMCA of Arlington the Arlington branches gave away over $600,000 in scholarship funds and this is only three branches so imagine branches in other cities. This campaign is the largest charitable community service organization. More than 2 million people received financial assistance from the YMCA. That’s how much the YMCA impacts our communities. (Transition: Where the YMCA stands to around the world and the impact it still has today.) III. YMCA Today. A. The YMCA is 166 yrs strong. I say strong instead of old because of the impact it has on our communities and around the US. The YMCA will continue to strive to reach out to anyone. B. According to the YMCA .net the YMCA has more than 2,600 YMCA locations C. Worldwide the YMCA is located in over 107 countries. D. Since the YMCA has a huge impact not only in the US but worldwide, it has reached over 45
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