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My internal assessment is focused on the theme ‘Domestic Violence’. It serves the purpose of generating awareness of the effect and consequences that domestic violence can have in society. The advancement of my theme is supported by the use of a monologue and also by doing an oral presentation. My monologue provides a creative portrayal of the issue of which my theme is based. On the other hand, the oral presentation probes further into my theme as the information gathered from several sources was examined. Domestic violence is more profuse than
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Therefore, not only do I walk with a limp, and not only do I now speak with a lisp as a result of his ill treatment, but my self - esteem had reduced to zero. No longer do I think I’m pretty. I can’t be if he treats me like this. No longer do I give my views to anything. My thoughts just don’t count anymore. My voice is like a single grain of sand on the ocean floor; once lifted it’s simply going to get washed away. I’ve come to the point where I just pretend as if this isn’t really happening to me. (Wipes nose) For years I’ve being lying to my family, my friends, my kids, to myself. ‘Everything’s great’ I would say. I assume that if I keep repeating those words then things would change, that things would go back to the way they were, the way they are supposed to be. I was searching for hope, but my assumptions were wide of the mark. Things have only gotten worst. Yet, he keeps saying that things would get better and the depressing issue is that I’m still hoping it’s true. (Rocks faster) Even after he’s hurt me to the highest degree, even

though he’s broken my heart, I still love him with all the tiny little pieces because this not the man I married, the man I fell in love with, the father of my kids. There has to be a good explanation for all of this! I sometimes think it’s my fault. Maybe I’m not a good enough wife, not smart enough, not beautiful enough. Maybe if I didn’t stress him. Maybe if I had made sure the kids went to bed in

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