Comm330: A Career As A Social Venture

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I think that I will do well in the proposal assignment because, I will be able to relate my social venture to whatever it is I want my career to be in the future. This is because education problems are the core to someone’s future. Therefore having an inadequate education to the higher income population creates a barrier to the success of those who live in lower income communities. I enjoy speaking about issues that I am interested and passionate about and in this case, taking it one step further and relating it a career I would be interested in the future. This assignment seems personal and thus easy for me to write and talk about. I will also do well with the resume and cover letter because, I already have practice with writing and resume,…show more content…
In COMM330 we picked and social controversy and worked in groups of five to create multiple written assignment that would untimely be perfected and put together at the end of the semester. This class seems very similar in the sense that group work will be very prominent as well as the preparation of multiple written pieces that will then be placed together to create a essay. I think that this will be easy for me to due to the classes that we have taken in the past. COMM402 also allowed us to practice writing an eight page paper with four other people. This is difficult to perfect due to everyone’s different writing styles and organization when it comes to personal deadlines. I used to not enjoy working in groups because I have had my share of bad experiences, but eventually I was surrounded with people who were serious about the work they were doing and finally found working in groups easier and more interesting. There are more opinions to bring to the table and it is actually an opportunity to learn within a smaller community. My internship this summer also allowed me to finally create a legitimate resume and become familiar with how exactly to write one successfully and
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