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Command and Control Policy Student’s Name: Institution: Date: Command and Control Policy Introduction Climate change poses a huge risk to human beings and natural system hence the need for policies to reduce carbon dioxide gas emissions to the environment and the damages caused by the rapidly changing climate. This is the reason countries like the United States of America enacted command and control policies to try and curb the rate of pollution of the environment (Davies & Mazurek, 2014 ). This paper will explain the command and control policy, give an example where the policy has been used, outline how it has fared since its enactment and the economic principle behind…show more content…
From a health-based perspective, the primary goal of the policy is to protect human health. This is achieved by eliminating all risks for everyone irrespective of sensitivity and allowing only a reasonable damage to occur. A lot of the United States environmental laws classify health effects as being part of setting environmental standards. The clean Air act stipulates that standards must be set to provide a required margin of safety so as to protect the public from either anticipated or known effects associated with air pollutants. From an ethical point of view, the command and control policy ensures that ethical considerations take priority, for instance, stipulating the wrong of damaging the habitat of endangered species(Davies & Mazurek, 2014 ). An Instance of where it has been used The command and control regulation has need greatly successful in cleaning up and protecting the environment. In 1970, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) was founded to oversee all environmental laws in the in the United States. The same year saw the clean air act being enacted to address concerns about air pollution. Two years later, the congress passed the clean water act which the president duly signed. These particular command and control laws and their amendments have played a huge part in ensuring that America now has
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